"Back Off, Love"
by Brandy Golden
She’s disillusioned and bitter. He believes in love at first sight.
A steamy sweet second chance romance
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Marooned on a tropical island! Was there ever a more mismatched pair to be stranded together? Wyatt was sure he’d landed in hell. Was love playing a cruel joke on him? While his heart is telling him to take a chance, his hand is itching to land on her impudent backside and teach her some manners. Now that she’s no longer shark food, Tani doesn’t need Wyatt. She doesn’t want or need a man period. Wyatt’s interest is obvious but her experience has taught her to steer clear of so-called love. Then treacherous fate steps in. Will they lose their second chance for love before it even begins?