"Joy of Today"
by Charlotte Everhart
Everyone knows the best things come in pairs.
A touching story about small-town sisters and a new arrival who just might come between them, despite his best efforts.
Available in MOBI and ePub

Summertime in Nicolet has always been idyllic, but for Heidi and Shelly Lakanen, the summer of 1994 brings just a little more than they’ve bargained for. When Steven Davis comes to town, the Lakanen girls know their lives will never be the same, but they have no idea just how much their sisterly bond will be put to the test as a result. It bends under the strain, but will it break? From the moment he drives into town, Steven Davis can’t shake the sense that something wonderful awaits him in Nicolet. The loneliness of his past fades almost completely as he finds himself embraced by the fun-loving Lakanen clan, but one decision risks the loss of everything (and everyone) he’s come to care about. For Steven and the Lakanen family, it’s a summer of shattered dreams and beautiful surprises. Fans of Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series and the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias will love Joy of Today. Make it your next book!