Expected Publication Date: July 12th, 2022
"Defender of Vosj"
by Kevin Hallett
Could the wizard be her escape from a dull life?
An epic fantasy adventure with a smidgen of romance.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Brodia is an audacious farmgirl with an untamed sense of adventure in a world that forbids women wizards. Preem the Bone Crusher, the kingdom's grand wizard, seeks a new apprentice to help in the wizard wars. The tale is set on Vosj, a medieval world with walled cities and vast forest lands where the farms and villages exist in isolated clearings. The kingdom’s enemy wizard has a psychotic apprentice, Yarin, who terrorizes and kills young women. The fantasy opens when Brodia’s father threatens to sell her to the Brotherhood unless she’s married by her seventeenth birthday. On her birthday, the daunting Preem comes to her village to find a new apprentice, and Brodia schemes to have her boyfriend picked. But Preem senses her latent magical talent and rescues her from the Brotherhood. And so, she begins a journey of discovery with a wizard who doesn’t understand her. As Brodia learns the art of being a good wizard, she defeats Arrox and an enraged bull. But ahead lies the King’s test and the magically stronger Yarin, who stalks her in the hope of watching her eyes fade as he strangles her.