Expected Publication Date: July 24th, 2024


by Eva Heart

Can the evil twin find redemption, or maybe even love?
A steamy romantic suspence novella
# Romance
# Suspense
# Steamy
# Action
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Can Monique, the 'evil twin,' find redemption, and maybe even love? Or is she beyond saving? Monique should have learned her lesson by now: no law agency has her best interests at heart. But three years behind bars in a maximum-security prison can make even the most innocent of women— which she certainly is not—risk anything for a taste of excitement. So when she’s approached with an offer: be bait in her twin sister’s place, and she'll be set free, Monique finds it hard to say no. But things quickly go from bad to worse when she's snatched by an unknown. Micah is surly and alluring in a hired-killer kind of way, and above all, he's convinced he's kidnapped the correct sister. He’s not about to be persuaded otherwise. Can Monique seduce her way out of this one? Or will Micah throw her to the wolves, the way Monique has done to so many others?