"The Ascension Legacy - Book 2: A Legend Confirmed"

by Gary Richardson

Riorik and Nordahs continue their adventure across Corsallis
The adventure continues with new friends, new secrets revealed, and new enemies
# Action
# Adventure
# Fantasy
# High Fantasy
# Magic
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Fresh off their decision to abandon their role in the Rangers of Rishdel after being ordered to kill their friend, Riorik and Nordahs, along with their human friend Hugh, commit to putting their efforts into searching for Riorik’s father and along with him, the missing legendary Ascension Armor. Their hunt leads them to new and unlikely friends but also in the path of the enemies they have only started to suspect are looking for the same mythical armor. Answers are found but come with more questions. Who else is searching for the armor? They learn of the armor’s true existence but are the rumors of the armor’s power true too? If so, what does it mean that someone else is going to great and violent lengths to find it? The future of Corsallis hangs in the balance.