by Robb Pritchard
Britannia AD 77
Rome bleeds red across Britannia. A Celtic tribe must stem the tide. Or die
Available in MOBI and ePub

His sons were ripped from his arms and he was sold into slavery… Now he has a terrible choice. Cadwal, a widowed Celtic warrior is a dedicated father raising his children in his mountain stronghold. In these uncertain times, the tribe must be vigilant, as caught between the expanding Roman empire and power-hungry neighbours, treachery is rife. When enemies infiltrate his hillfort his family are snatched away and he is dragged to the mines as a slave. Trapped in the dark depths, he has to decide whether to save his tribe from the onslaught of the Romans, or his sons. His only hope is to seek out the dreaded druids… but first he must escape the chains and tunnels. Brethren is the gripping first novel in the Foundation of the Dragon series based in what is North Wales during the Roman invasion. If you're a fan of page-turning historical fiction with twists and turns galore then you will love this book.