"Winter's Maiden (Parts 1 & 2)"

by L. Starla

The power to protect is also the power to corrupt.
Winter's Magic Parts 1 & 2
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Steamy
# Magical Realism
# Occult
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Please note: If you have claimed my previous review copies, you’ll need to post your reviews before I accept your application. PART 1: Winter’s Maiden 1 is the first book in the Winter’s Magic series. It is the story of a young woman discovering her mystical heritage, uncovering the secrets of the magic world, and learning to use her new powers to fight the monsters seeking to destroy her soul. While the precocious heroine embraces her magical destiny, she also navigates the twisted paths of love and intimacy. With three hot guys vying for her attention, Alannah has a choice to make: Mr. Tall, dark, and mysterious; her childhood crush; or the fun and flirtatious best friend. PART 2: In Winter’s Maiden 2 the story of Alannah Winters continues. When a mysterious benefactor comes to town, she embarks on another journey of self-discovery. But harnessing her untapped potential comes with huge risks, and she must choose between legality and morality. Brendan is also in for some life-changing decisions. In a moment of boredom, he descends into a life of crime and self-destruction. The only person keeping him tethered to right-hand path is Alannah, until she isn’t. Warning: These books contain coarse language and explicit scenes, including depictions of sexual violence and minor BDSM that may upset or offend some readers. There is also a partial cliff-hanger for one of the characters at the end of Book 2, which is somewhat resolved in Winter’s Thrall (launching May 2022).