"Rise of the Phoenix Queen (Fall of the Dragon King #2)"

by Shaquilla Lunsford

Only One Queen May Reign
An reluctant heroine adventure/romantic fantasy
# Adventure
# Fantasy
# Fae
# Romance
# Dragons
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Silivia spent a year training and fighting to locate a sister who not only blames her for her kidnapping, but also doesn't want to be saved. Deciding to let her sister go for now, Silivia turns to the challenge of securing a new home. The Kingdom of Rifka is her birth right, but it won't be so simple to take it back from the monarchy currently accompanying it. Determined to prove her claim to the throne, Silivia is given five trials to complete, each more difficult than the last, but it's not just her title that is at stake. The fate of Rifka, and Fenriel as a whole, is dependent on her success. If that wasn't enough, the tension between the two males she finds herself drawn to is coming to a head. Soon she may have no choice but to choose between the male who has always loved her, and the scarred male who used to be her enemy, but who may actually be her soulmate. With hidden adversaries and soul crushing betrayal stalking her every step, will Silivia make it out with her rightful crown and true mate? Or will the world bring the Dragon King's Heir to her knees for good.