"The Organized Author"
by Cindy Tomamichel
Need help with your author platform?
Easy ways to get back your writing time.
Available in MOBI and ePub

Are you overwhelmed by the business of being an author? Tearing your hair out trying to figure out your author platform? Is your precious writing time disappearing into the time suck of social media? Imagine having an organized platform with information ready for your next book launch. A magical place where readers can browse your books and contact you begging for more. You could be that author! Whether you are a fledgling author just starting out or a seasoned professional, The Organized Author is here with the answers you need. Authors around the globe have used this system to build and streamline their platforms, - getting back to doing what they do best - writing. Don’t waste precious time searching the internet for a how to guide for all the things. You’ve found it already. Grab this book, and let’s get cracking!