"BASE: The Edge of Reality"

by Robert Adamson

An epic sci-fi adventure on the island of Kauai
Simulated Reality and the first Base Civilization
# Alternate Universe
# Sci-Fi
# Artificial Intelligence
# Space
# Romance
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Imagine an advanced future from where you explore endless worlds and repeatedly live an entire life anywhere and at any time of your choosing. ​ Have you ever felt as if your reality is an illusion—a virtual simulation? Have you ever wondered why we are alone in the universe? BASE is a must-read if you want answers. But be warned, this book is a mind-bender. Skyler Anderson is a handsome young tour guide sailing the Napali Coast in Kauai. One day, a mysterious, inexplicable rainbow leads him on a journey where he encounters a team of software engineers and scientists secretly working on a solution for interstellar flight. He teams up with a beautiful astronomer and finds island romance, friendship, and a breathtaking adventure to the stars. Yet only one original Base Civilization would be the first. Who was the old Monk that called himself the Keeper of the Gateless Gate? What caused the rainbow aberration?