"The Traveler's Door"

by Carl Alves

A Exciting Romp through the Multiverse
One man's trip through the Multiverse as he tries to get home to his family.
# Action
# Alternate Universe
# Fantasy
# Multidimensional
# Adventure
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Julian Dawson wakes up in a strange world, one slightly different than his own, with a family he doesn't recognize. When he meets a traveler who leads him to the megalomaniacal Game Master, Julian is thrust into a multiverse of tasks, each more dangerous and destructive than the last. He visits planes that resemble Ancient Rome, the Old West, and an apocalyptic world at war as he journeys to complete his missions and return to his family. Will Julian succeed or will he put an end to the Game Master's madness once and for all? If you enjoyed Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere", you'll love this thrilling, interdimensional journey.