"The Quill Method - Conquer Depression In 10 Steps"
by Sylvester Quill
Find out how to conquer depression
A guide to deciphering the depression code
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

On one eventful day, Mr Quill decided to give himself a shot at a better life. And he never regretted his decision. Now he is confident about himself, spectacularly productive and spends less time worrying about things that don't matter. The author, Sylvester Quill, battled depression for a good part of his life. Overcoming and conquering depression was one of his toughest personal challenges. The Quill Method has its roots in his struggles. The book is to help those with depression to develop better awareness, create a positive mindset and form productive, healthy lifestyle habits. The quill Method is a 10-step plan articulated through various author quotes at the beginning of the relevant chapters. The book is meant to be a comprehensive, actionable and structured approach towards healing from depression. + He works with a 10-step plan. Each step of The Quill Method is embodied in a quote as their respective chapters begin. + First, he helps the reader identify and understand their problems related to depression. + Then, he proceeds to explain the mechanics of depression from a physiological and psychological standpoint. + After that, he helps the reader get into the right mindset to overcome depression. + Finally, he goes on to define the action items and some very useful methods to conquer depression. He shares his insights on the methods for people suffering from depression. He has backed up his system with ample scientific proof. + He discusses topics like Major Depressive Depression, Seasonal Depression, Persistent Depression, Postpartum Depression, etc. + He explains the scientific factors of depression. He also touches upon behavioural theories and psychological aspects of depression. + Most importantly, he has explained the importance and timing of medical interventions. If you are battling depression yourself or have a loved one who is, The Quill Method can be the breakthrough you need to conquer depression.