"Birth of the Black Orchids"

by M. R. Dimond

A light-hearted Christmas tale of going home, starting over, and murder—with cats
A humorous, cozy Christmas mystery about millennials who wanted to save the world. Now they’d be happy to have next month’s rent and student loan payments.
# Mystery
# Cozy
# Humorous
# Holiday
# Pets
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Two novellas kick off a new cozy mystery series, as a troupe of former college roommates figure Johnny Ly, Dianne Cortez, and JD Thompson flee to rural Texas for a fresh start. Will murder at their Christmas grand opening ruin everything, or can a cat vet, accountant, lawyer, and ABBA tribute band solve the crime? In the second story, income is low for the Black Orchids, with the town happily using free coupons from the grand opening. So Dianne expands their services to what JD calls “elder babysitting”—an easy job, until the clients run away.