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by Veronica Samek

Why does the emperor of universes want me dead?
A multidimensional adventure through many worlds. Mystery, romance, steampunk and Camelot included.
# Sci-Fi
# Adventure
# Romance
# Alternate Universe
# Multidimensional
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An extinct power. A dangerous plot. A deadly secret. After witnessing her doppelganger's murder, Mia discovers that she has the power to travel between worlds. Hunted by the emperor of universes for her newfound ability, she's forced to team up with an escaped convict and his associates to find the way back home. As they each pursue their own agenda, Mia grows closer to the group. Their motivations come to light, and Mia's own goals begin to shift. Soon she discovers that her journey home might not be as simple as she thinks and that the fate of universes may rest on her shoulders.