"Remember Us"
by Vida Li Sik
Broken hearts. Can she get back what she lost?
A sweet, second-chance romance novella
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Broken hearts. Can she get back what she lost? Alcohol never hurt her career, but it destroyed her family. Now sober, Paula lives with regret at the havoc she caused her ex-husband and now-estranged daughter. They haven’t forgiven her. Paula knows that’s true when Emma plans to get married and neither she nor Jonah tells her. As she struggles to piece together the wreckage of her life, groveling might be her saving grace. But will it be enough? Jonah carries emotional scars from his turbulent marriage. He returns home to South Africa after spending three years in Australia. All he wants is peace and to look for new career opportunities. When circumstances force him to “play house” with Paula once more, unwanted feelings of love resurface. Can he trust she’s changed, or will she break his heart once more? (Remember Us is book 3 in the Remember series of sweet-second-chance novelllas set in the City of Gold—Johannesburg, South Africa).