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"Diamonds & Rubies - Review Copy"

by Karen Nappa

A sheltered A+ student. The high school rock band's singer. What are the odds?
A High School Opposite Attracts Short Story
# Contemporary
# Erotic Romance
# New Adult
# Rockstar
# Women's Fiction
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"Jewel struggled not to let her gaze stray to the infamous local bad boy, who just sauntered past her in the hallway followed by his gaggle of giggling admirers. Without halting his stride, Luke Peters winked at her, and Jewel ducked her head to hide her burning cheeks. How mortifying, not only had she been ogling the handsome young man, but he noticed." He's her first love, but music always has been his. As the band gets more popular, chances for their relationship get slimmer. When Jewel's secret is revealed, she may lose the roof over her head and her bright future, but there's so much more at stake. Author's note: This High School Opposite Attracts Short Story contains a love story between teenagers and an unexpected pregnancy. If such a topic offends you, please don't read this. This book has a Happy for Now (HFN) ending. Luke and Jewel are side-characters from Conflicted (Club Indigo 7).