"Not From Earth"

by Robert Adamson

Not From Earth
The story of a gifted individual born of two worlds.
# Aliens
# Disaster
# Genetic Engineering
# Romance
# Sci-Fi
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An attractive and intriguing female from a distant advanced world tells James Ripley that he is not human; he's a hybrid of their two species, and the Earth is doomed. James must observe and record the last days of his endangered planet. An epic struggle ensues because of James' love for Earth and the alien's unwillingness to interfere. ​ A thrilling plot, an epic romance, and an adventure that spans worlds. Not From Earth takes you on a journey through time and space, from the Moon Landing, Area 51, to Woodstock. It explores our most profound questions regarding AI, Quantum Physics, and Alien Percipience. The alien/human merging produced a life form of such hybrid vigor, intelligence, and independence that it puzzled the aliens. Follow the remarkable life of Earth’s last hope from birth to adulthood.