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"Retreat into Paradise"

by Louisa Valentine

Fleeing from Alex, now Hannah has new things to fear
An amusing, dinky-di love triangle
# Contemporary
# Outdoors
# Romance
# Small Town
# Western
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City girl Hannah Stockton writes histories as her day job and family histories in her spare time. Needing a temporary escape from her violent boyfriend Alex, she takes up an advertised position as a live-in caretaker ‘with light duties’ at a country retreat outside Melbourne. The owner, Philip Boulton, is a hunky high-flying banker who visits on weekends to attend to his small herd of cattle. His next-door neighbour has taught Philip all he knows about farming, lusts after Philip and resents Hannah’s presence. Alex might be in her past but Hannah now has four new things to fear - snakes, swimming spiders, the cattle and her neighbour's animosity. Philip has recently discovered a family secret. Given his profession, he’s sensitive about this fact becoming public. Fearing Hannah’s skills as a family history researcher, he keeps her at a distance while he processes his secret. Hannah can’t tell whether Philip is ‘more than friends’ with his guru. Meanwhile, as her ‘boss’, he helps Hannah to overcome her fear of cattle and she learns to love country life … and Philip.