Expected Publication Date: Wed, Sep 1st
"Johnie Irish"
by Tomara "T.N." Jones
You kill one guy with a bottle of whiskey and they never let you forget it.
What happens when the right thing to do isn't the right thing to do?
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Bayer Thompson was convicted of manslaughter just under a decade ago, and now that he's out, all he wants to do is the right thing. Living life on the straight and narrow has never been harder, especially with his ex-wife fishing for more alimony, a rogue cop hellbent on sending him back to prison, and everyone assuming he works for the notorious Sinclair Syndicate. The mere association tosses his life upside down and puts his loved ones in harm's way. How much will Bayer take before taking the law into his own hands? When will Bayer see that doing the right thing was never the right thing to do? How many people have to die before everyone believes he has no ties to the criminal kingpin? With all roads leading to Johnie Irish, Bayer Thompson will take the ride of his life to free his reputation from its binds to the criminal underworld. Unfortunately for him, letting out his inner beast can land him back in jail or worse.