"Boy with No Name—from The Devil You Know: A Fiction-Atlas Anti-Hero Anthology"

by K.A. Wiggins

Tragic pasts and twisted futures collide
When you’re nothing, you have to grab everything you can and hang onto it with everything you’ve got.
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Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Ravel clawed his way up from failed test subject to master of the decadent underground club Freedom—not to mention shadow prince of the Towers of Refuge—and his ambition is far from sated. He knows everyone’s secrets, holds all the keys, and his hand is in every deal worth making. Even the recent, catastrophic invasion of the nightmarish Mara hasn't shaken his confidence. When human sacrifice is the price of power, a small massacre is nothing more than a setback. But when the dreamwalker Ravel's been obsessed with since childhood vanishes from his monster-infested city, he risks everything he's built and become to chase her down. Cut off from everything he knows, can this master manipulator find the right thread to pull and win back his love—or will the conscience he's been running from all his life finally take him down? Tragic pasts and twisted futures collide in BOY WITH NO NAME, a companion story to Threads of Dreams book 2, BLACK THE TIDES, available exclusively in Fiction-Atlas Press anti-hero anthology THE DEVIL YOU KNOW. Reviewers please note this ARC is for a single story in the anthology (each author lists their stories separately for review).