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"London Lies Bleeding"

by Gomery Kimber

Introducing A New Kind of Hero
Former special operative Justin Martello is being blackmailed. If he refuses British Intelligence’s hush-hush assignments, he’ll end up in jail – or six feet under . . .
# Thriller
# Espionage
# Crime
# Adventure
# Occult
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PLEASE REQUEST A COPY OF THIS BOOK ONLY AFTER READING THE SAMPLE CHAPTERS. THANK YOU. London Lies Bleeding is not your everyday thriller, so if you’re expecting something old hat like Lee Child you’re going to be disappointed. However, if you yearn for fiction that’s a little bit different from the norm, that makes you see the world in a different way, then read on because you might just be the kind of reader I write books for. Here’s a Goodreads review of the novel to whet your appetite: ‘The most enormously entertaining spy/crime thriller I have read in ages. Gomery Kimber is a master storyteller and has created a highly compelling protagonist in Justin Martello, a cast of believable yet extraordinary supporting characters, and a visceral evocation of London’s underworld in all its sparkle and squalor. The relentless narrative velocity is complemented by his cleverly interweaving a plethora of highly intriguing philosophical, countercultural and esoteric references, and concluded with a cinematic finale that blows the likes of Clancy and Ludlum out of the water! I for one will be looking forward to reading the next Martello adventure!’ Many thanks to Piers M. for such a resounding endorsement, Gomery Kimber POPULAR FICTION, SERIOUS IDEAS - GOMERY KIMBER IS THE WINNER OF MARK DAWSON'S SPF FOUNDATION THRILLER SCHOLARSHIP 2023.