"Katarina's Dark Shadow"

by MJ Krause Chivers

The Only Certainty in War is Uncertainty
Faith-based coming of age mystery set in the Russian civil war in Ukraine and post-war Germany
# Historical Fiction
# Christian
# Mystery
# Women's Fiction
# Multicultural
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THIS IS A REVIEW COPY. By downloading this book, you are agreeing to leave a review on Amazon, GoodReads, BookBub or other major book review sites. When you are finished reviewing, kindly return to this site and paste a copy of your review in the designated space. IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO LEAVE A REVIEW, PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK. ABOUT THE BOOK: Katarina’s Dark Shadow prequels the courageous human struggle inside a distinct faith during violent political times. 1951: Peter stumbles on his adopted mother’s diaries from the Russian Revolution. What happened during those early years that prompted Katarina to go back to Ukraine during WW2? What secrets lie behind the Iron Curtain? 1915-1917: During the great war, Ukraine seeks independence from Russia. Fifteen-year-old Katarina also yearns for freedom from her restrictive German Mennonite roots. She dreams of traveling the world and creating her own destiny. Then, a rebel attack at the family farm prompts her to move across the Dnieper River to her wealthy sister’s heavily guarded estate. But things are not as safe as they seem. As Russia implodes, the separatist army grows, and suspicion lurks at every corner. As society crumbles, the solid foundations of faith and family weaken, and emigration lures. Katarina faces the ultimate decision that will determine her future. Will she choose to stay in Ukraine with her pregnant sister and wait to see if the political situation improves? Or will she abandon all hope and embrace an unknown future, knowing she can never see her family again? Inspired by true stories and actual events based on the harrowing tales of the author's ancestors, this book will particularly interest those with German-Prussian, Ukrainian, or Russian Mennonite ancestry. If you enjoyed The Memory Keeper of Kyiv and The Girl with the Silver Star, you’ll enjoy stepping into this intriguing and unusual world with its unique cultural dynamics.