"The Starbone Paradox (Chronicles of the Starbonre Cadets, Book 5)"

by Beaches and Trails Publishing

Across the Multiverse, Destiny Beckons
A YA Space Opera
# Space Opera
# Young Adult
# Sci-Fi
# Space
# Adventure
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When Yasu Garcia, a cadet at the Interstellar Academy, begins to experience memories of a powerful alternate version of himself from another universe, he and his friends embark on a perilous mission to stop this domineering other self before his ambitions unravel the very fabric of the multiverse. In "The Starborne Paradox," Yasu Garcia's life at the Interstellar Academy takes a dramatic turn when he starts seeing memories of his other selves from across the multiverse, including one particularly menacing version who has built an empire. As these visions become more intense, Yasu, together with his team, must navigate the challenges of their academy life while confronting the reality of their interconnected destinies across parallel universes. When they discover a nebula portal leading to a realm of celestial beings, the team gains unprecedented access to the multiverse's secrets and the powers that lie within. However, the most potent threat comes from within as Yasu faces the ultimate challenge: confronting and stopping his empire-building alternate self before his actions cause irreversible damage to the fabric of the multiverse. Thrust into a journey filled with celestial intrigue, multidimensional warfare, and the quest for self-identity, Yasu and his friends must unravel the paradox of their starborne destinies to save their universe—and countless others—from the brink of destruction. Stay in the loop! Join Marie-Helene's newsletter for writing updates, sales, upcoming events, and special promotions at www.mhlebeault.com NOTE: This is an ARC copy. If you find typos, please email Petra at beachesandtrailspublishing@gmail.com