"The Floating City"

by Bill & Mia Belew

A mentor without the best interest of their mentee. What could go wrong?
An epic worldwide relic chase with high powered Internet behemoth sponsors.
# Adventure
# Young Adult
# Travel
# Literary Fiction
# Mythology
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Aimi and her chosen classmates compete against teams sponsored by Silicon Valley's most powerful Internet behemoths. Come aboard the Floating City and travel the world in search of hidden mythological relics that when found open up a door to a new world for the winners. Aimi and her team must compete with other high tech teams while she also struggles to win and learn from a mentor who does not appear to have her best interest in mind. Or does she? Remember how Screwtape advised Wormwood. Learn the value of sacrifice and how far Aimi will go to win. Will Aimi sacrifice her integrity to win at all cost? Can she keep her team's best interest in mind? Only the reader knows.