"Crow's Song"

by Nicky Webber

Based on a True WWII Story of Love and Hope
Historical WWII family saga, Love story with HEA ending.
# Historical Fiction
# War
# Clean
# Military
# Saga
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Newly Released February 2022 - 4.5 stars Based on a true story of forgotten children, Crow’s Song is ultimately an uplifting love story of hope and survival. The author recreates the childhoods of Piet and Ava in this epic WWII family saga. This is a heart-wrenching story of their survival in two different countries during one of history’s darkest periods. Piet’s father disappears for months on end while working for the Underground Resistance, helping Jewish citizens escape the war. Piet’s mother struggles alone to feed and care for her five young children during Nazi occupation in Holland. Ava is an only a child and lives with her aunt in London. After she survives enemy bombings, they evacuate Ava to safety. The trauma of being given away to strangers haunts her. While Ava’s father fights with the allies in France, her mother tragically dies and Ava feels alone and abandoned during the darkest days of war. This is an emotional journey set amongst earth-shattering historical events. In a devastated world, Piet and Ava, plan an escape from Europe. Will they find freedom and a secure future together? Or will their war-torn childhoods continue to haunt their lives? Highly recommended for lovers of Beneath a Scarlet Sky, Not Without My Sister, The Nightingale, and the Tattooist of Auschwitz.