"Tales of Imagination"

by Cindy Tomamichel

26 Short Stories that span the genres
Short stories, poetry and flash fiction
# Fantasy
# Fairy Tale
# Humorous
# Literary Fiction
# Poetry
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Explore the strange byways of imagination in this collection. An eclectic mix of science fiction, award winning romance, comedy, the past – the future, and the just plain weird. A gourmand on death row – what did he do? What happened to Rudolph Senior? Wishes and a not very Christmassy present. Leave your current life for a desert town where no one knows your name. A desperate future soldier asks for a terrible gift. A deadly virtual reality. Poems on age, words and the thoughts of a woman. A preppers personal apocalypse. An evolutionary change for the better. A boy dreams of a very different life. A choice between immortality and love. An award-winning fractured fairy tale of Rapunzel. Escape the everyday with twenty-six short stories, flash fictions and poems.