"The Heiress and the Cowboy"

by Lianna Hawkins

A runaway heiress, an unsuspecting cowboy, and a reward for her return spirals this love story headlong toward a fate out of their control.
Caldwells of Rocky Creek: A Sweet Historical Western Romance
# Romance
# Sweet
# Western
# Historical Fiction
# Clean
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When Arthur Caldwell arrived in Billings, Montana, he was determined to only stay long enough for his meeting at the Northern Pacific Railroad office. He had plenty of work back on the Rocky Creek Ranch and was eager to return home. But when Mollie Bradstone announced he was her fiancé, his life took an unexpected turn. He needed to ditch this woman, but soon discovered this would be no simple task. Mollie Bradstone witnesses a cowboy swoop a young child out of the path of an oncoming wagon, and she knew he was like a cowboy off the pages of one of her dime novels. She wanted adventure, and she wanted a cowboy. Yes, siree. A big, broad-shouldered cowboy of her own. This man was the cowboy she was searching for. And he was the cowboy she would marry. Arthur Caldwell had wrestled steers, fought off rustlers, and moved cattle through hostile territory. But this cowboy had never had to fight off a woman. Would the blue-eyed, golden-haired heiress capture his heart? Or would this cowboy sidestep her proposal of marriage?