"Living Word, Living Savior: a Portrait of Jesus through the eyes of John"

by Dr Andrew C S Koh

Living Word, Living Saviour
A Portrait of Jesus through the Eyes of John
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The forward says it all…. John was one of Jesus’ closest disciples. Here we get to witness the way John saw Jesus’ miracles, Robob19, Amazon, 5/5. This book, “Living Word, Living Saviour” focuses on the portrait of Jesus as presented in the Gospel of John, Coral Howard, Amazon, 4/5. John's words held great significance. T. Townsend, Amazon, 5/5. Interesting summary and view on the Gospel of John. M Bernas, Amazon, 4/5. I generally love Dr. Koh's devotionals. They're just lovely. This one was professionally edited. Fluffy Luggage, Amazon, 4/5.. A novel which takes the reader through the life of Jesus through the mind of John, PAR, Amazon, 4/5. The book explained what Jesus was like and His earthly mission. The book also encourages you to do as Jesus told you to do, E Ebieze, Amazon, 5/5 I recommend this book to anyone wanting a deeper understanding into the Gospel of John, K Booker, Amazon, 5/5. An engaging read through the book of John. Easy to understand, M Bailey, Amazon, 5/5. A great way to experience Christ and his teachings in these passages, J Sharmani, Amazon, 5/5 A useful way of learning the key stories relating to Jesus, such as the feeding the 5000, turning water into wine, etc., Reedsy Discovery, 4/5. I enjoyed learning about Jesus' life on earth. I am given the opportunity to better comprehend Jesus' influence on the world, Sara Pena, 5/5. A powerful message of God's love and testifies that Jesus saves all those who come through Him, D Peterson, 5/5. A five-star rating for the styles of writing and the simplified delegation of the ideas, themes and messages of the book, K Gurtiza, 5/5. Dr. Koh's is writing is always entwined with biblical principles and doesn't deviate from them, C Cummings, 5/5. I admire the author's directness. Making each chapter brief made the book easy to read, J Voyamba, 4/5. A profound book that offers readers a deeper understanding of the life, teachings, and significance of Jesus Christ, R Patel, 4/5.