"Living Word, Living Savior: a Portrait of Jesus through the eyes of John"

by Dr Andrew C S Koh

Living Word, Living Saviour
A Portrait of Jesus through the Eyes of John
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A novel which takes the reader through the life of Jesus through the mind of John. John, PAR, Amazon, 5 stars. The book explained what Jesus was like and what He did an His mission was on earth. The book also encourage you to do as Jesus told you to do, and that's making disciples and spread the gospel, Ellen Ebieze, Amazon, 5/5 I recommend this book to anyone wanting a deeper understanding into the Gospel of John, Kevin Booker, Amazon, 5/5. An engaging read through the book of John. Easy to understand, Margarita Bailey, Amazon, rating 5/5. This book will strengthen your faith in God and has various topics of love, forgiveness. It's a great way to experience Christ and his teachings in these passages, J Sharmani, Amazon, rating 5/5 A useful way of learning of some of the key stories relating to Jesus, such as the feeding of the five thousand, turning water into Wine, walking on water, and the last supper, Book Nook, Reedsy Discovery, 4/5. All in all, I enjoyed reading it and re-learning about Jesus' life on earth. I am given the opportunity to better comprehend Jesus' influence on the world, both then and now, Sara Pena, ebook fairs 5/5. Living Word, Living Saviour is filled with a powerful message of God's love and testifies that Jesus saves all those who come through Him, ebook fairs, Danelle Peterson, 5/5. A five-star rate for the styles of writing and the simplified delegation of the ideas, themes and messages of the book, Karen Gurtiza, e book fairs, 5/5. Dr. Koh uses the gospel of John as a guide, so his writing is always entwined with biblical principles and doesn't deviate from them, Carol Cummings, e book fairs, 5/5. I appreciate the author’s straightforwardness. Making each chapter brief made the book easy to read, Jesse Voyamba, e book fairs, 4/5. A profound and insightful book that offers readers a deeper understanding of the life, teachings, and significance of Jesus Christ, Rutvik Patel, e book fairs, 4/5.