"The Fallen Valkyrie Duet"

by J. E. Taylor

Enemies become allies to survive a god’s wrath.
A thrilling fantasy romance with a twist
# Fantasy
# Romance
# Mythology
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A fallen Valkyrie. A Fae-Wraith hybrid. Enemies become allies to survive a god’s wrath. Odin’s Order to reap an innocent soul from Earth makes me question everything I have ever known as a Valkyrie. Protecting the innocent is our basis for existing, and now I must decide. Do I blindly follow his order? If I don’t, I will be just another casualty in Odin and Thor’s destruction of the realms. Anyone who challenges their rule dies a very public death, regardless of their origins. And now they have enslaved Earth. Reyfyre, a fae-wraith hybrid, and one of Asgard’s enemies, has been hiding in this realm his entire life. When he finds me, he offers asylum as long as I help him kill Odin and Thor. With everything they have done, how can I refuse? When a bounty is placed on my head, we make the decision to leave Reyfyre’s mountain sanctuary and head to New York to get lost in the city of millions. But the trek across the Canadian wilderness brings us face to face with hidden refugees, predators, and thieves. There’s no other option but to survive. If we die, then there will be no one left to stop the callous gods before they destroy the only realm left. But are we strong enough to take down a god?