"Oh No, I Got Myself Abducted And Kissed An Alien Pirate"

by Kate Sinner

Nothing says 'surprise' quite like being nabbed by a pirate from another planet.
A steamy alien sci-fi romance. Expect intergalactic miscommunications, perilous danger, and possessive alien mates.
# Steamy
# Aliens
# Comedy
# Romance
# Sci-Fi

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He calls himself a merchant, but who’s he kidding? Those off-limits areas in his ship aren’t for storing harmless space trinkets. I’m pretty sure he’s a pirate. He’s even got a swashbuckling swagger that may or may not show off his perfect backside, of all things. I get it - a guy with a dark past is trouble. Don’t fall in love. But in this vast ship, with only one bed between us, it’s impossible to stay away. His red skin, horns, and tail just add to his exotic allure. Worse, there’s a sweet side to him--hidden beneath all those secrets and charming smirks--that keeps bringing me back for more. How will I get home, and more importantly, will I even want to?