Learning Resources for Authors
Learn how to build your mailing list, find reviewers, increase book sales, find beta readers, and build your author website

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Text Guides
In-depth guide to building a mailing list and using it to find reviewers and increase sales
In-depth guide to building a review team
In-depth guide to building StoryOrgin's Beta Copies feature
In-depth guide to arranging swaps and designing your newsletter
Case Studies

... I thought of burning everything I'd created. I was that frustrated. I almost called it quits in February of 2021. Then I found a trial run of StoryOrigin and was hooked... I went from less than $30 a month in royalties to several hundred a month...

... I went from 1-2 sales/month to full-time author in less than six months... StoryOrigin has been one of the most important tools in my toolbox to build a full-time author career (almost) entirely through email marketing/newsletter growth.

"The mailing list is the most valuable piece of marketing that I have even though I'm really big into Amazon ads."

Video Tutorials
How to build your author website with StoryOrigin
How to convert files into Epub and Mobi with Calibre
Types of group promos and how they work
How to create a group promo and invite authors to join
How to post your mailing list and plan future newsletters
How to apply to a group promo
How to create and apply to swap opportunities
Landing Pages
How to upload your books assets & publish your landing page
How to download a .CSV of your subscriber list
How to integrate a mailing list with your reader magnet
How to create a universal book link
How to create review copies
How to create direct download pages
How to distribute audiobook review codes
How to invite beta readers and collect feedback