Build your author email list

Want more subscribers on your mailing list? Cross-promote your reader magnets on StoryOrigin

Building Author Email List Illustration
Build your mailing list with cross-promos
Integrate Email Services

Reader contact info will automatically be sent to integrated email service providers

Integrating Is Optional

No integration? No problem! Download your sign-ups as a CSV file

Designed for GDPR

Designed to comply with GDPR and other regulations by default

Easy Downloads

Readers can download files directly to their preferred e-reader

Reader tech support

StoryOrigin handles tech support for any readers that run into issues

Multiply Your Reach

Promote your giveaway via Group Promos or Newsletter Swaps

What other authors have to say...

Using the Reader Magnets feature, I grew my email list from 0 to over 1000 subscribers in the first year, and continued to multiply every year after that.

Amanda Kai
Full review

By finding reader magnet newsletter swaps that fit my genre, I was able to grow my list to over 1200 subscribers in just 18 newsletter issues.

Len M. Ruth
Full review

StoryOrigin is a godsend in helping me build up my network. I got over 400 subscribers in one month.

Ellen Mint
Full review

StoryOrigin has helped me build my mailing list from 0 to over 4k by signing up for Group Promos and author Newsletter Swaps promoting my Reader Magnets.

Bella Blair
Full review

StoryOrigin's Reader Magnets feature has helped me build my mailing list from about 3k subscribers to over 12k in a little more than a year, and it is still growing.

M.C. Frank
Full review

I decided to use StoryOrigin to build my mailing list from scratch... my list went from 0 in December 2023 to over 1000 engaged subscribers in March 2024.

Stephen Bentley
Full review
(Optional) Integrate Your Email Service Provider
A Beautiful Page for Your Freebie

Entice readers to sign up to your email list with a free short story, book, anthology, etc.

Send traffic to your landing page with Group Promos feature or Newsletter Swaps feature.

Example Reader Magnet Landing Page
Example Sign-up Form on Reader Magnet Landing Page
Collect Signups for Your Email List

StoryOrigin handles delivering the ebook file and providing reader tech support.

Have a reader that runs into trouble an emails you? Just reply and CC us on the email.

Integrate Your Email Service Provider

Automatically send reader contact info to your email service provider.

Or, download a CSV of the readers that signed up to get your Reader Magnet, and upload it to any email service provider.

Screenshot of Integrating Mailing List
Screenshot of Reader Magnet Page on Custom Domain
Put It On Your Domain

Remove the StoryOrigin branding and make the page yours.

StoryOrigin can host the page on own domain using the Website Builder feature.

Ready to grow your mailing list?
Create Reader Magnet Landing Page
Video Tutorial
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What do I need to get started?

You should have an account on an email service provider (like MailerLite, MailChimp, etc.). That's where you will design / send your newsletters. StoryOrigin is just used for arranging cross-promotions.

I recommend starting MailerLite, which generally considered user-friendly and affordable.

You should also have written a reader magnet - a download that you give to readers when they sign up to your mailing list.

Many authors use a 10-20K short story prequel to their book or series as a reader magnet, though you could also use an anthology of short stories, an extended epilogue, etc. as a reader magnet.

Once you've written your reader magnet, you can convert it to an EPUB with StoryOrigin.

I have 0 subscribers. Can I grow my mailing list from scratch?

Yes! Many authors have started with 0 subscribers, and you can too! You can setup a Reader Magnet landing page and request to join group promos or arrange newsletter swaps even if you have 0 subscribers on your mailing list.

Is there a checklist I can follow?

Yes! You can find a checklist of steps to follow if you:

I have more questions. Is there an in-depth guide on building an email list?
Do I need to upload my mailing list to StoryOrigin?

No, StoryOrigin is not an email service provider (like MailerLite, MailChimp, etc.).

StoryOrigin is used to collect sign-ups to your mailing list using the Reader Magnet landing page feature.

You would then add the contacts you've collected with StoryOrigin to your email service provider.

Can I use StoryOrigin without integrating my email service provider?

Yes! Integrating your email service provider with StoryOrigin is always optional.

You can always download a CSV of sign-ups you've gotten from your Reader Magnet landing page and then manually upload those to whichever email service provider you use.

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Build your author email list

Want more subscribers on your mailing list? Cross-promote your reader magnets on StoryOrigin

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Why do authors recommend StoryOrigin?

Is there a 5 star rating system on this? Because StoryOrigin is at least 6 stars. At least! I've used the other platforms... and none of them approach the flexibility and power of StoryOrigin

W.H. Lock
Full review

I used to use several sites and groups to facilitate things like newsletter swaps, multi-author book promos, reader magnets, and reviews, but I can do it all and better on StoryOrigin.

A. F. Stewart
Full review

I love StoryOrigin. I've used other sites for promotions and newsletter swaps but this one is easier and more author-focused. Highly recommend for new or serious authors.

Gina Kincade
Full review

StoryOrigin changed my life, and it's the BEST tool that actually works with increasing sales, subscribers, and reaching new readers.

Anca-Melinda Coliolu
Full review

... compared to a lot of similar sites designed to help authors, StoryOrigin has the best UI, the most features and a great community of authors.

Dave Walsh
Full review

StoryOrigin is absolutely the must-have author tool. You can build your newsletter list with interested people, sell your books, find newsletter swaps, get reviews, and more

Katherine Gilbert
Full review
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Evan Gow, Indie Developer