Word count tracker and writing planner

Increase your daily writing output and manage both writing and editing deadlines with Goal Trackers

Word Count Tracker Illustration
Increase your writing output with Goal Trackers
Track Word Count

Get charts showing daily counts and your cumulative progress toward your goal

Get Daily Targets

Set a deadline & word count goal. StoryOrigin will calculate your daily target

Track Pages Edited

Not just for word count tracking! You can set goals for pages edited

Manage Multiple Goals

Track all of your current writing or editing goals with multiple Goal Trackers

Write wherever

Use your preferred writing software (Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, whatever!)


Mark your Goal Trackers as complete when you're done

What other authors have to say...

I now have a list of 45+ books that have met their publishing deadlines due to StoryOrigin's word count tracker, representing a total of over 3 million words on paper. StoryOrigin is always open in my browser!

Cherie Mitchell
Full review

I found it motivated me to write on the days that I felt lazy because I didn't want to see another empty slot on my graph... I would definitely recommend using the Goal Tracker feature in StoryOrigin.

J.L. Sanchez
Full review

StoryOrigin can help you monitor your daily progress... I used this feature last year to push myself and nearly hit 700,000 words written! That's a record for me! My next goal is 1,000,000!

Elysia Strife
Full review

Using the word count tracker feature on StoryOrigin has been game changer for me... Tracking has turned out to be more valuable than I ever imagined.

Dineen Miller
Full review

I thought word count tracking was the dumbest idea ever until I used StoryOrigin's Goal Trackers feature. 3 books and over 200,000 words later, I'm counting the words I need to eat, too.

Bill & Mia Belew
Full review

I love the Goal Tracker feature! It helps me stay on track with my WIP and helps me see how many words I need to write to reach my goal by my deadline

Amanda Kai
Full review
Visualize Your Progress

See graphs of your daily word count written separately each day and cumulatively.

See a projection of how many words you need to write to hit your deadline.

Screenshot of Word Count Tracking Charts
Screenshot of Progress and Daily Goal
Quick Glance of Daily Target & Progess

Progress on your latest work-in-process is display on your dashboard home page.

See at a glance what your goal is for the day, so you can get to writing.

Enter Today's Amount or Total Amount

Enter your new total, and StoryOrigin will automatically calculate today's word count.

Or enter today's word count, and StoryOrigin will automatically calculate your new total.

Screenshot of Entering Word Count
Screenshot of Word Count Data Log Table
Check the Logs

See a table of every day included within the timeframe of your project.

Edit or check each individual day in the table and see running totals.

Ready to increase your writing output?
Create Word Count Tracker
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What if I use Word, Google Docs, etc.?

No problem! Write your book in any software and track your word count with StoryOrigin.

Does this work for editing?

Yes! You set up a tracker for the # of pages you want to edit and StoryOrigin auto-calculate daily targets for you.

How many Goal Trackers can I create?

Create unlimited Goal Trackers. Some authors have multiple years-worth of books planned out with StoryOrigin.

Do I have to pay for this feature?

This feature is completely FREE on StoryOrigin. Just create an account, and get started.

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Word count tracker and writing planner

Increase your daily writing output and manage both writing and editing deadlines with Goal Trackers

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Why do authors recommend StoryOrigin?

Is there a 5 star rating system on this? Because StoryOrigin is at least 6 stars. At least! I've used the other platforms... and none of them approach the flexibility and power of StoryOrigin

W.H. Lock
Full review

I used to use several sites and groups to facilitate things like newsletter swaps, multi-author book promos, reader magnets, and reviews, but I can do it all and better on StoryOrigin.

A. F. Stewart
Full review

I love StoryOrigin. I've used other sites for promotions and newsletter swaps but this one is easier and more author-focused. Highly recommend for new or serious authors.

Gina Kincade
Full review

StoryOrigin changed my life, and it's the BEST tool that actually works with increasing sales, subscribers, and reaching new readers.

Anca-Melinda Coliolu
Full review

... compared to a lot of similar sites designed to help authors, StoryOrigin has the best UI, the most features and a great community of authors.

Dave Walsh
Full review

StoryOrigin is absolutely the must-have author tool. You can build your newsletter list with interested people, sell your books, find newsletter swaps, get reviews, and more

Katherine Gilbert
Full review
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