Join Author Group Promotions

Collaborate with a group of authors to build your mailing list, increase page reads, sales and more

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Market your books with author group promos
Track Clicks

See how many clicks each participant sent to the group promo landing page

Vet Participant History

Organizers see how many clicks authors have sent to group promos in the past

Filter Group Promos

Filter upcoming group promo opportunities by genre tags

Manage Your Calendar

Organize your upcoming newsletter send dates to easily track cross-promos

Choose Your Goal

Join group promos for building your email list, increasing sales, or finding reviewers

Welcoming Community

Apply for Group Promos even if you have 0 readers on your email list

What other authors have to say...

I'm new to StoryOrigin with a tiny subscriber list but the first three group promos I applied for I was accepted.

T.C. Roberts
Full review

Group Promos with StoryOrigin are great and super easy to either create or participate in. It's one of my go-to marketing strategies.

Joan De La Haye
Full review

I especially love the group promos section of StoryOrigin. I doubled the size of my mailing list by entering my reader magnet in 3 promos!

J. M. Ashmore
Full review

Organizers of group promos have been especially accommodating to authors with small audiences and those just beginning to build one.

Mark J. Engels
Full review

I participate in about 2 newsletter builders per month. I gather about 100 subscribers per month. Before I gathered them through another service, which was more expensive and had about the same results for me.

Karen Nappa
Full review

Nearly every cross-promo either with Newsletter Swaps or Group Promos increases my sales, noteworthy by a clear spike on that day.

Bella Blair
Full review
Check Upcoming Group Promos

Filter upcoming group promos by related genre tags, planned dates, or type (email list builders, increasing sales, etc.).

Create Saved Filters to get emails when new Group Promos are posted that match your genre tags.

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Screenshot of Applying to Group Promo
Start from 0 email list subscribers

Start applying to group promos even if your mailing list has 0 subscribers.

Many organizers started from scratch with StoryOrigin and are happy to help others just starting their own lists.

Increase Email Open Rates

Entice readers to keep opening your emails with lists of free or discounted books for them to check out.

Group Promos provide great content for when you're between new releases.

Example Group Promo Landing Page
Campaign Editor Page Showing Planned Cross-Promos
Stay Organized

See all of the cross-promotions you've agreed to for a single campaign on 1 page and add private notes to it.

Check the quick links for the graphics and insert them into your newsletter with your tracking link.

Ready to get more readers?
Join a Group Promo
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Do I need to share my subscriber list?

No, you don't share your subscriber's contact info with other authors.

A group promo is where you and multiple other authors share a link to a landing page across your newsletters or social media.

I have 0 subscribers. Can I still do join group promos?

Yes! Many authors have started with 0 subscribers, and you can too! You can request to join group promos even if you have 0 subscribers on your mailing list.

What happens if someone doesn't promote a group promo?

If an author doesn't promote a group promo that they've joined, that will be publicly visible on their profile on StoryOrigin.

Other authors will then be less likely to accept or request cross-promotions with that author.

Can I use group promos to build my mailing list?

Yes, many group promo organizers that see your list with 0 subscribers will want to see you succeed, and they know that for you to succeed, you need to grow your mailing list.

Thus, many of those group promo organizers will accept your Reader Magnet (the page you use to build your mailing list) into their group promo.

Are there other authors in my genre?
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Readers unlock each chapter by leaving feedback on the previous chapter or answering questionnaires

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Build your author email list

Want more subscribers on your mailing list? Cross-promote your reader magnets on StoryOrigin

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Increase Book Sales with Universal Links

Make sure you're serving readers the correct link for their country or their preferred retailer

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Word count tracker and writing planner

Increase your daily writing output and manage both writing and editing deadlines with Goal Trackers

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Build your complete author website

Want to quickly build a beautiful author website to collect newsletter subscribers and sell direct?

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Sell ebooks direct to readers the easy way

Lemon Squeezy acts as the Merchant of Record and will collect & remit sales tax and VAT for you

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Arrange Author Newsletter Swaps

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Join Author Group Promotions

Collaborate with a group of authors to build your mailing list, increase page reads, sales and more

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Why do authors recommend StoryOrigin?

Is there a 5 star rating system on this? Because StoryOrigin is at least 6 stars. At least! I've used the other platforms... and none of them approach the flexibility and power of StoryOrigin

W.H. Lock
Full review

I used to use several sites and groups to facilitate things like newsletter swaps, multi-author book promos, reader magnets, and reviews, but I can do it all and better on StoryOrigin.

A. F. Stewart
Full review

I love StoryOrigin. I've used other sites for promotions and newsletter swaps but this one is easier and more author-focused. Highly recommend for new or serious authors.

Gina Kincade
Full review

StoryOrigin changed my life, and it's the BEST tool that actually works with increasing sales, subscribers, and reaching new readers.

Anca-Melinda Coliolu
Full review

... compared to a lot of similar sites designed to help authors, StoryOrigin has the best UI, the most features and a great community of authors.

Dave Walsh
Full review

StoryOrigin is absolutely the must-have author tool. You can build your newsletter list with interested people, sell your books, find newsletter swaps, get reviews, and more

Katherine Gilbert
Full review
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