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Want to quickly build a beautiful author website to collect newsletter subscribers and sell direct?

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Build your website in minutes
Collect Email Signups

Host your StoryOrigin Reader Magnet pages on your custom domain

Sell Ebooks Direct

Host your StoryOrigin Direct Sale Ebook pages on your custom domain

Custom Redirect Links

Ditch link shorteners. Host redirect links your custom domain with StoryOrigin

Create Series Pages

List the books in your series on one page, including Reader Magnets

1-Link Pages

Put all of your links on one page (social media, book links, and more)

Track Click Counts

Track how many clicks each one of your Custom Links gets per day

What other authors have to say...

I love the simplicity of setting up my author website with StoryOrigin. It's quick, looks great, and is easy to modify.

Steve Ruskin
Full review

StoryOrigin is the best place to host your website if you're an author, no question. If you struggle with DNS, SSL and all the rest of the tech stuff, save yourself a lot of hassle and head straight for StoryOrigin.

Phoenix Rose
Full review

Creating my author website with custom links took less than 20 minutes (and most of that was spent on choosing the color scheme I wanted on it!).

Finley K. James
Full review

I built an author website within minutes on StoryOrigin. I'm so useless with technology, so if I can do it, anyone can.

Carole Marples
Full review

If you've been hesitating to build a website... It literally took me less than 30 minutes to set up, and it looks great and professional.

Scarlett Braden Moss
Full review

It will be practically EFFORTLESS to keep my website updated for the rest of my career!!! Which is HUGE for me and how pressed for time I always am!

Katie Cherry
Full review
A Beautiful Author Site in Minutes

Get your website done and back to writing.

No need to fuss over HTML, CSS, spacing between elements, etc.

Example Author Website Home Page
Screenshot of Redirect Links Setup on Custom Domain
Custom Redirect Links

Redirect links from your custom domain to anywhere!

For example, create a pretty link like (but on your own domain) that redirects readers to your Amazon profile.

Own your link-in-bio page

Send readers from any platform to all of your other platforms with a Link Collection.

Own your platform and host your link-in-bio page on your own domain.

Example Link Collection Landing Page
Example Book Series Collection Page
Series and Assortment Pages

Put all of your books in order for readers or create assortments of books in unrelated universes.

Collect sign-ups for your mailing list by adding a Reader Magnet landing page to your Book Collection.

Ready to get a beautiful author website?
Build your author website
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can I collect sign-ups to my mailing list with my StoryOrigin-built website?

Yes! You can add a Reader Magnet to your website to entice readers to sign up to your mailing list.

StoryOrigin will collect the reader's contact info, which you can download as a CSV or automatically send to an integrated email service provider (like MailerLite, MailChimp, etc.).

Do I need technical skills to use the website builder?

No, you don't need any technical skills or coding knowledge. The website builder is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing authors to create their websites quickly and easily.

How much time will it take to build my website?

Setting up a website with StoryOrigin can take as little as 5 minutes.

From there, it depends on how many books you want to add to your website.

If you've already got your Reader Magnets and Universal Book Links setup, then it won't take more than a couple of button clicks to add them to your StoryOrigin-built website.

Setting up a new Universal Book Links or Reader Magnets usually only takes a few minutes.

Can I customize the CSS and HTML on my website?

No, StoryOrigin's website builder does not support customizing the HTML or CSS on your StoryOrigin-built website.

You choose a brand color and which of your books and series you want to show and what order.

You can add an author bio and social media links.

StoryOrigin does the rest, so you can get back to writing.

Does the website builder support e-commerce features for selling books direct to reader?

Yes, you can set up Direct Ebook Sales pages for your books with StoryOrigin and add those to your StoryOrigin-built website.

Is there a blogging feature in the website builder?

No, StoryOrigin does not currently support blogging.

Can I track website analytics with StoryOrigin's website builder?

Yes, StoryOrigin will track and display a graph of how many clicks each of your Custom Links has gotten.

Custom Links are what StoryOrigin calls each path (for example, /freebie or /book1) you have added to your StoryOrigin-built website.

Can I purchase a domain through StoryOrigin?

No, StoryOrigin does not act a registrar (services that allow you to buy and manage domain names).

You would buy your domain name through a registrar (like Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc.), then add a record on that domain to note that StoryOrigin is acting as the "host."

See the tutorial on the website-builder for how this works.

I already have a website. Can I still use StoryOrigin for custom redirect links?

Yes, even if you've already built your author website with a different service, you can still use StoryOrigin's custom links features.

To do so, you would choose subdomain for your website to use StoryOrigin's website builder features with.

For example, say you built your website with a different service on

You could choose to use StoryOrigin to host a different subdomain of your website like or or

Adding a subdomain to your registrar is FREE and usually takes about 2 minutes.

See the tutorial on the website-builder for how this works.

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Readers unlock each chapter by leaving feedback on the previous chapter or answering questionnaires

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Build your author email list

Want more subscribers on your mailing list? Cross-promote your reader magnets on StoryOrigin

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Increase Book Sales with Universal Links

Make sure you're serving readers the correct link for their country or their preferred retailer

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Word count tracker and writing planner

Increase your daily writing output and manage both writing and editing deadlines with Goal Trackers

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Build your complete author website

Want to quickly build a beautiful author website to collect newsletter subscribers and sell direct?

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Why do authors recommend StoryOrigin?

Is there a 5 star rating system on this? Because StoryOrigin is at least 6 stars. At least! I've used the other platforms... and none of them approach the flexibility and power of StoryOrigin

W.H. Lock
Full review

I used to use several sites and groups to facilitate things like newsletter swaps, multi-author book promos, reader magnets, and reviews, but I can do it all and better on StoryOrigin.

A. F. Stewart
Full review

I love StoryOrigin. I've used other sites for promotions and newsletter swaps but this one is easier and more author-focused. Highly recommend for new or serious authors.

Gina Kincade
Full review

StoryOrigin changed my life, and it's the BEST tool that actually works with increasing sales, subscribers, and reaching new readers.

Anca-Melinda Coliolu
Full review

... compared to a lot of similar sites designed to help authors, StoryOrigin has the best UI, the most features and a great community of authors.

Dave Walsh
Full review

StoryOrigin is absolutely the must-have author tool. You can build your newsletter list with interested people, sell your books, find newsletter swaps, get reviews, and more

Katherine Gilbert
Full review
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